Introduction to the Morning Roundup

Several people out there may have already clicked on The Morning Roundup, and saw the Nothing Found screen. That changes now.

Before the first one goes live this morning, I thought that I would introduce our viewership to what we will be calling The Morning Roundup. The Morning Roundup is your one-stop shop for some of the major sports action that you may have missed from the previous day.

Unfortunately, we only have so much time, and can only post so much before you all decide to stop reading and start re-watching Keyboard Cat for the nth time. That said, we promise to do our best, and to provide you with a comprehensive recap to the preceding day of sports action.

Here’s what you can expect:

Scores from the sports we cover from the previous day

A short take on some news we may not have covered (and some we have)

Well-written work that we can all take pride in

Punctual posts that will coincide with 6:00 a.m. CT every day Sunday-Saturday

Here’s what NOT to expect:

Full-length pieces on specific games or events from the previous day (those are reserved for pieces in each of our sections which are great to read, too)

Sloppy writing and poor quality work

News on sports that we do not cover for the website

That said, on behalf of the team, I would like to say that we are extremely excited about the dimension this adds to our passion project.

Please don’t expect anything like this on a regular basis in any of our posts, but we do like to have fun at Sports, Inc.

-The Sports, Inc. Team

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