Morning Roundup 1/8/19

Sports were in full effect yesterday as we had soccer, basketball, and even a little bit of football. This is your morning roundup.


2018/19 English FA Cup 3rd Round

Wolverhampton 2-1 Liverpool


Spurs 119-107 Pistons

Celtics 116-95 Nets

Rockets 125-113 Nuggets

Bucks 114-102 Jazz

Pelicans 114-95 Grizzlies

Lakers 107-97 Mavericks

Trail Blazers 111-101 Knicks

Kings 111-95 Magic

NCAA Football

And of course, the event of the night and the event of the year so far: The College Football Playoff National Championship. Alabama-Clemson Round 4. And in Round 4, it was all Clemson. Tua Tagovailoa was hurried and harassed the whole game as he finished 22-34 with 295 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 picks, while Trevor Lawrence of Clemson was having himself a field day. He finished 20-32 with 347 yards and 3 touchdowns and helped propel them to their second national title in 3 years. The final score was 44-16.

With college football officially over, we will patiently wait until it is the time for it once again, but for most sports fans, we now patiently wait until February when pitchers and catchers report for MLB spring training. Until then, keep coming back every morning for another Morning Roundup from one of us here at Sports, Inc.

-Marcus Jacobs

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