The Morning Roundup 1/9/19

There was sports action across collegiate and professional basketball along with important sports news throughout yesterday. We’re here to catch you up with your morning roundup.


The Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves both beat teams with superior records last night causing the biggest upsets of the night. The Miami Heat played a solid game, and came very close to beating the Denver Nuggets. The Raptors also went down to the wire with their opponent, the Atlanta Hawks.

Indiana Pacers 123-115 Cleveland Cavaliers
Philadelphia 76ers 132-115 Washington Wizards
Denver Nuggets 103-99 Miami Heat
Toronto Raptors 104-101 Atlanta Hawks
Minnesota Timberwolves 119-117 Oklahoma City Thunder
Phoenix Suns 115-111 Sacramento Kings
Golden State Warriors 122-95 New York Knicks
Los Angeles Clippers 128-109 Charlotte Hornets

Current standings

NCAA Men’s Basketball

Last night’s slate of college basketball action was exciting as it feature two Top 25 matchups, and produced three upsets. Both No. 8 Texas Tech and No. 12 North Carolina prevailed in their Top 25 matchup against No. 23 Oklahoma and No. 15 NC State, respectively. The three upsets saw South Carolina, Baylor, and Villanova defeat ranked opposition.

No. 1 Duke 87-65 Wake Forest
No. 3 Tennessee 87-63 Missouri
No. 6 Michigan State 77-59 Purdue
No. 8 Texas Tech 66-59 No. 23 Oklahoma
No. 12 North Carolina 90-82 No. 15 NC State
South Carolina 87-82 No. 14 Mississippi State
No. 18 Kentucky Wildcats 85-74 Texas A&M
No. 19 Buffalo 110-80 Toledo
Baylor 73-70 No. 20 Iowa State
Villanova 76-71 No. 24 St. John’s

Current rankings

NFL (news only)

The Arizona Cardinals filled their head coaching vacancy by hiring former Texas Tech University coach Kliff Kingsbury (read here)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced that Bruce Arians would become their next head coach with Todd Bowles also joining as defensive coordinator (read here)

MLB (news only)

The White Sox signed Jon Jay, which means that they now have players with that match surnames of three Founding Fathers. Hopefully, two of the players get along better than history tells us (read here)

Mike Moustakas has plans for life after Machado signs as he has lined up his suitors (read here)

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