The Morning Roundup 1/11/19

There weren’t many games for you us to recap for you, but we cover all sports regardless of the number of games from the previous day. Thankfully, the news was flowing from both the NFL and MLB. Your morning roundup begins now.

NCAA Men’s Basketball

No.2 Michigan 79-69 Illinois
No. 5 Gonzaga 67-36 Pacific

Current rankings


Miami Heat 115-99 Boston Celtics
Denver Nuggets 121-100 Los Angeles Clippers
San Antonio Spurs 154-147 Oklahoma City Thunder
Sacramento Kings 112-102 Detroit Pistons

Current standings

NFL (news only)

Pittsburgh Steelers owner, Art Rooney II, announced that his team will explore any option to offload rebellious receiver Antonio Brown (read here)

MLB (news only)

The Washington Nationals and Brian Dozier agreed to a one-year contract (read here)

The New York Mets continued their busy offseason by signing Jed Lowrie to a two-year contract (read here)

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