Divisional Round Picks

Well, I never said my picks for the Wild Card round were going to be accurate (they weren’t), but at least *most* of the 4 games last weekend were exciting and came down to the end of the 4th quarter to decide a winner. Really, the only game that seemed to favor one side the whole game was the first of the weekend, Indy at Houston. The other AFC game looked like it was going to end with a pretty lopsided score, but then Jon Harbaugh actually allowed Lamar Jackson to throw the ball more than 6 yards down the field (Jon doesn’t typically see this from his other quarterback either…). Nevertheless, as we advance deeper into the postseason, expect to see some epic matchups (not trying to jinx anything, really). Without further ado, here are my picks for the divisional round. Try not to laugh at them, and let’s enjoy another 4 game weekend of playoff football!


Colts at Chiefs (KC -5.0) 4:35 PM EST; The offensive showcase put on in the first half of their Wild Card weekend matchup proved that Andrew Luck is a pretty good QB (okay, we knew this already). But even the running game was highly effective, and with an ever-improving defense, and a bad track record for Andy Reid and the Chiefs in the playoffs as of late, I expect Indy to take this point-laiden game. If you are a fan of defense, you might want to turn away; The Pick: Colts 38 Chiefs 35

Cowboys at Rams (LAR -7.0) 8:15 PM EST; As much as I hate to admit it, Dallas looked good in their win against Seattle. Yes, Das had a few boneheaded plays, but Zeke Elliot looked his normal self, and that defense is pretty nasty. However, Zeke will not even be the best running back featured in this game. Yes, Todd Gurley is back. While I expect Dallas to put up some points, I see too much Gurley in this game; The Pick: Rams 28 Cowboys 21


Chargers at Patriots (NE -4.0) 1:05 PM EST; Beating the Pats in New England in the postseason is an extremely hard thing to do. However, something about this Chargers team (they’re pretty darn good for a 5 seed), and something about the ever-so-slight decline in the Pats production this year spells trouble for the home team. Phillip Rivers is looking for that coveted ring, the one that has escaped him up to this point in his career, and Melvin Gordon, as well as Melvin Ingram are beasts on their respective sides of the ball; The Pick: Chargers 20 Patriots 17

Eagles at Saints (NO -8.0) 4:40 PM EST; As a Bears fan, this one is hard for me to write in a non-biased manner. But, as much “magic” that Nick Foles has, this has been the best Saints team from top to bottom that I have seen in a few years, and they were pretty good last year so do not take that lightly. The Superdome is probably the hardest place for a visiting team to try and get a win in the whole NFL, and Drew Brees has had an MVP-caliber year. Expect that to continue in this one; The Pick: Saints 35 Eagles 21

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