Spring Training is BACK!

If you are not a baseball fan, February 11, 2019 holds little significance for you, unless it’s your birthday, anniversary, etc. However, we at Sports, Inc. treasure this day as myself, Nathan, and Marcus are all huge baseball fans, and this is where everything truly begins. Pitchers and catchers have reported, and the remaining players will begin report in the coming days and weeks. This also a bit of a state of the blog address, as I will highlight some of the things that you can see from us coming up. All of this is semi-official, and I can only speak for what I know, but I would still like to give you, the wonderful readers, a preview of what you can expect.

1. Team-by-team breakdowns

I have spoken with the guys, and we believe that we will be doing breakdowns for every team giving you what to expect, and what moves were made in the offseason. Of course, that’s super general, but they should start arriving soon, and we will build up to the regular season.

Warning: the following items are only possibilities

2. Predictions for how division races will end up

This is pretty straightforward, and will probably come right before the regular season since many things can still change in Spring Training.

3. Predictions for things like breakout players

There are many directions that this could go, but the general idea here is to modify an MLB.com/MLB Network segment and make it out own (think about Nathan’s Top 10s).

That’s about it for now, but if we find something to add, we will. Be on the lookout for other great content, and don’t forget to read our Morning Roundup.

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