The Morning Roundup 2/20/19

With the NBA still on its All-Star break, the world of sports has been light on some action. The Champions League had its second set of Round of 16 matches while a few college basketball teams played.

NCAA Men’s Basketball

It was a poor night to be a ranked team in Iowa as both Iowa and Iowa State were upset. Purdue barely survived a tough road game against Indiana, but that was the closest call for any Top 25 team.

No. 4 Kentucky 66-58 Missouri
No. 5 Tennessee 58-46 Vanderbilt
No. 15 Purdue 48-46 Indiana
No. 16 Florida State 77-64 Clemson
Baylor 73-69 No. 19 Iowa State
No. 24 Maryland 66-65 No. 21 Iowa
No. 25 Buffalo 114-67 Ohio

Current rankings


UEFA Champions League-Round of 16

Liverpool 0-0 Bayern Munich
Lyon 0-0 Barcelona

MLB (News only)

Manny Machado has reportedly signed a contract that will make him the highest-paid free agent in the history of North American sports (read here)

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