Morning Roundup 3/5/19

In the world of sports yesterday, many of them took place stateside, either on the hardwood or on the diamond, as there was a full slate of basketball and spring training games. Let us recap everything that happened yesterday in the morning roundup.

MLB Spring Training

Orioles 9-4 Twins

Astros 4-3 Braves

Cardinals 5-9 Tigers

Nationals 8-9 Marlins

Mets 7-4 Astros

Red Sox 9-3 Mets

Angels 6-6 White Sox

Cubs 9-1 Reds

Rockies 4-4 Rangers

Dodgers 8-2 Giants

Indians 0-8 Padres

Reds 3-3 Diamondbacks


Bucks 105-114 Suns

Mavericks 88-127 Nets

Hawks 113-114 Heat

Nuggets 103-104 Spurs

Pelicans 115-112 Jazz

Knicks 108-115 Kings

LA Clippers 113-105 LA Lakers

Current standings

NCAA Men’s Top 25

#18 Kansas State 64-52 TCU

Texas 51-70 #8 Texas Tech

#2 Virginia 79-53 Syracuse

Current rankings

-Marcus Jacobs

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