The Morning Roundup 3/9/19

There were several games in NBA last night along with a few early games in the early rounds of conference tournaments. The afternoon also had a full slate of Spring Training games and a few opening matchups to an exciting weekend of soccer from some of Europe’s top leagues.


The biggest upset of the night was the Los Angeles Clippers’ victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. In a matchup between two of the top teams in their respective conferences, the Houston Rockets beat the Philadelphia 76ers at home in a potential matchup for the NBA Finals. In a game between two of the best teams in the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Denver Nuggets.

Orlando Magic 111-106 Dallas Mavericks
Charlotte Hornets 112-111 Washington Wizards
Miami Heat 126-110 Cleveland Cavaliers
Detroit Pistons 112-104 Chicago Bulls
Houston Rockets 107-91 Philadelphia 76ers
Memphis Grizzlies 114-104 Utah Jazz
Toronto Raptors 127-104 New Orleans Pelicans
Golden State Warriors 122-105 Denver Nuggets
Los Angeles Clippers 118-110 Oklahoma City Thunder

Current standings

NCAA Men’s Basketball

All of the ranked teams in action last night won.

No. 15 Virginia Tech 84-70 Miami (FL)
No. 19 Buffalo 84-73 Bowling Green
No. 24 Maryland 69-60 Minnesota

Current rankings


Toronto Blue Jays 11-0 Pittsburgh Pirates
Tampa Bay Rays 5-5 Minnesota Twins
Baltimore Orioles 4-2 Boston Red Sox
St. Louis Cardinals 3-2 Washington Nationals
Toronto Blue Jays 5-2 Pittsburgh Pirates
Miami Marlins 10-3 New York Mets
Milwaukee Brewers 6-3 Arizona Diamondbacks
Kansas City Royals 8-3 Cincinnati Reds
Oakland Athletics 6-5 San Diego Padres
Chicago White Sox 15-8 Los Angeles Angels
Colorado Rockies 11-10 Texas Rangers
Atlanta Braves 5-4 Philadelphia Phillies
St. Louis Cardinals 6-3 Houston Astros
Detroit Tigers 6-5 New York Yankees
San Francisco Giants 2-0 Cleveland Indians
Chicago Cubs 9-3 Seattle Mariners
Kansas City Royals 7-4 Los Angeles Dodgers


La Liga

Athletic Club Bilbao 1-1 Espanyol

Current table

Serie A

Juventus 4-1 Udinese

Current table

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