Big NFL Off-Season Moves

Oh My God, this off-season has been insane so far.

Odell Beckham to the Browns: What is even happening, they have an amazing receiver duo of the 2014 LSU Tigers Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham, and a second year Baker Mayfield who I think will get even better in his sophomore year. Their offense is just going to be terrifying this next season. And them getting him for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks and Jabril Peppers is a decent get back for them. Grade of move for Browns: B+ Grade of move for Giants: C+

Le’Veon Bell to the Jets: The Jets signing Bell is kind of a risky move in my opinion. Sure he is a top 3 running back in the league but it’s when he wants to be. If he tries and actually cares about this season, I can see him being a top 3 running back again but it all depends on whether or not he cares. Grade of signing: B+

Antonio Brown to the Raiders: This is the dumbest move that the Steelers could have made but the pick up for the Raiders is amazing and maybe it can help Derek Carr just enough for them to make the playoffs. Grade for Raiders: A Grade for Steelers: D-

Nick Foles to the Jaguars: This is a huge improvement over former Jaguars QB Blake Bortles. Foles being a former Super Bowl MVP and leading the Eagles over the Patriots, we will see if he can lead that Jaguars team to something promising. Grade for signing: B+

Tyrann Mathieu to the Chiefs: This would have been the best defensive signing of this off-season if they handled it correctly but they did not but I will get to that later. Mathieu is one of the best DBs in the league having a great season and will definitely help that Chiefs defense out. Grade for signing: B

Eric Berry being released: What are the Chiefs thinking, they would have had the best safety duo in the NFL since Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor in Seattle. Granted he is injury prone he is one of the best safeties in the league. Grade: F-

C.J. Mosley to the Jets: They have needed a good linebacker for a while and adding Mosley and having him next to Williamson will be a good duo for the Jets for years to come. Grade for signing: B

Tyrod Taylor to the Charger: I am a huge fan of this move, Philip Rivers is 37 and approaching his retirement time and having Taylor as a replacement for now until they draft a QB will be good for them. He had a good year with the Bills 2 years and would have started with the Browns if it wasn’t for Baker Mayfield. Grade of signing: B

Micheal Bennett traded to the Patriots: The Patriots make their yearly trade for a veteran player and they barely gave up anything for an amazing D-lineman that can really help them. They got him for a 5th round and they got a 6th rounder back. Grade for Patriots: B+ Grade for Eagles: D-

Kwon Alexander to the 49ers: I see this signing really panning out for the 49ers, Alexander proved to be one of the best linebackers in the league last year putting up 34 tackles and 6 TFLs in only 6 games. Him coming off his injury can be a little scary but I think he will bounce back and be one of the best linebackers in the league in the 2019-2020 season. Grade of signing: B+

Cordarrell Patterson to the Bears: Cordarrell to the Bears just give Mitch Trubisky another weapon to go along with Allen Robinson and Trey Burton and Jordan Howard out the backfield. He is a definite speed threat and will hopefully take the spot the Kevin White sadly didn’t live up to. But Cordarrell isn’t the greatest catcher so we will see how the season goes. Grade of signing: C+

Earl Thomas to the Ravens: Yes, Yes, Yes, Earl Thomas is a huge upgrade of Eric Weddle if he bounces back from his injury. Thomas will help this secondary out bringing veteran leadership to a ravens defense that just lost a key part of it in C.J Mosley. Grade of signing: B+

Mark Ingram to the Ravens: This backfield is going to be insane next year with Mark Ingram and Lamar Jackson. Mark Ingram was a very good running back in New Orleans but had to share most of his carries with Alvin Kamara and didn’t get a whole lot of touches. So with him most likely being the number 1 back in Baltimore, he should put in a lot of work this upcoming season. Grade of signing: A-

Mark Barron to the Steelers: This is a good signing because who knows if Ryan Shazier is ever going to play again, so Mark Barron is a good filler for right now, and if need be he can always go back to safety and play back there with Terrell Edumends and have a good safety duo, but either way the steelers will find the best use for Barron and use him to his full potential. Grade of signing: B

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix to the Bears: Bringing in Ha Ha Clinton-Dix should hopefully keep this Bears Secondary in tact after losing Adrian Amos to rival Green Bay Packers. Grade of signing: B+

Adrian Amos to the Packers: This signing made no sense to me, why trade away Clinton-Dix and then go and sign Amos when you could have kept Clinton-Dix and then signed Amos and had a good safety duo, maybe even the best in the league. But it is still a good signing for them Grade of signing: B

DeSean Jackson traded to the Eagles: Bucs receive 2019 6th round pick and give the Eagles Jackson and a 2020 7th round pick. This was not a smart move by Tampa Bay but a great move to get DeSean back in his home. We will see how he plays with Alshon Jeffery and Carson Wentz. Grade for Eagles: B+ Grade for Bucs: D-

Jason Michener

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