Morning Roundup 3/19/19

While there were no international soccer matches or college basketball games, there was a full slate of MLB and NBA games. While there may be no college basketball, fans can rest easy knowing that March Madness begins tomorrow with the First Four matches. First, North Carolina Central will meet North Dakota State. Tipoff is at 5:40 CST. Then in the later game, St. John’s will square off with Arizona State. Tipoff for that game starts at 8:10 CST. MLB fans need not worry either, as Opening Day 2019 is now nine days away. NINE. The March for October begins on Thursday, March 28th. Make sure to tune into one of the 15 games that day. It all starts with the Orioles and Yankees, in Yankee Stadium. First pitch is scheduled at 12:00 CST. That being said, let’s get you caught up on anything you may have missed. This is your morning roundup.


Orioles 14-1 Tigers

Twins 4-1 Red Sox

Marlins 7-1 Nationals

Cardinals 4-1 Phillies

Pirates 4-2 Rays

Blue Jays 3-2 Tigers

Nationals 6-5 Mets

Padres 3-1 Indians

Giants 5-2 White Sox

Rockies 6-3 Reds

Yankees 7-4 Braves

Rangers 3-1 Dodgers


Bulls 116-101 Suns

Cavaliers 126-119 Pistons

Jazz 116-95 Wizards

Nuggets 114-105 Celtics

Raptors 128-92 Knicks

Heat 116-107 Thunder

Spurs 111-105 Warriors

Pelicans 129-125 Mavericks (F/OT)

Trail Blazers 106-98 Pacers

-Marcus Jacobs

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