College Transfers

Of course the first one that needs to be acknowledged is the Jalen Hurts transfer to Oklahoma. The former SEC Player of the Year has gone to the school that his team just beat in the CFB Semi Finals. Even with having a 26-2 record while being a starter they still benched him in favor of Tua Tagovaiola. The real question is why would Hurts transfer from one of the best college football teams in the nation to a team that they just beat weeks ago? In my opinion, I think it is because of the decision Kyler Murray had made this week to go to the NFL Draft. With Murray declaring, that leaves a starting spot at QB so Hurts saw the opportunity to be a starter again and have a chance to play Tua and possibly beat him.

Another notable one is Kelly Bryant transferring from the National Champs Clemson Tigers to the Missouri Tigers. I can see why he is transferring because he did lose his starting spot to a freshmen after going 16-2 as a starter and winning them a National Champ.

The Tate Martell Transfer was a huge shocker to me. He was projected to be Ohio States starter at QB next year and ended up transferring to Miami of all places. Miami doesn’t have a plethora of weapons right now with losing weapons on that offense to the NFL.

Lastly is Justin Fields transferring from Georgia to Ohio State. Him going from being Jake Fromm’s backup to being a starter at a Big-12 school is a huge jump for his draft stock if he can produce in that offense well.

-Jason Michener