The Morning Roundup Article

Morning Roundup 3/24/19

Baseball is quickly approaching, the NBA playoffs just beyond the horizon, March Madness is very mad indeed. While there were no international soccer matches yesterday, there was plenty of baseball and basketball to take in. So much, in fact, that you might not have been able to keep up with all of it. So, let’s get you caught up on what you might have missed yesterday with this morning roundup.

MLB Spring Training

Mets 12-2 Braves

Royals 6-4 Brewers

Pirates 5-3 Phillies

Cardinals 4-4 Nationals

Tigers 8-7 Rays

Blue Jays 7-3 Yankees

Red Sox 12-3 Pirates

White Sox 5-1 Dodgers

Brewers 7-3 Rangers

Giants 3-2 Diamondbacks

Indians 8-5 Reds

Padres 11-4 Angels

Twins 8-7 Orioles

Astros 5-0 Marlins

Rockies 11-6 Cubs


Kings 112-103 Suns

Hornets 124-117 Celtics

Heat 113-108 Wizards

Hawks 129-127 76ers

Jazz 114-83 Bulls

Timberwolves 112-99 Grizzlies

Mavericks 126-91 Warriors

Trail Blazers 117-112 Pistons

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

#3 LSU 69-67 #6 Maryland

#2 Kentucky 62-56 #7 Wofford

#2 Michigan 64-49 #10 Florida

#4 Florida State 90-62 #12 Murray State

#1 Gonzaga 83-71 #9 Baylor

#2 Michigan State 70-50 #10 Minnesota

#3 Purdue 87-61 #6 Villanova

#5 Auburn 89-75 #4 Kansas

The Morning Roundup Article

Morning Roundup 3/22/19

College basketball fans rejoice! The NCAA Tournament has begun. We have already seen some upsets (Ja Morant and the 12th seeded Murray State Racers took down the 5th seeded Marquette Golden Eagles), and we have seen some absolute dominations (#1 seed Gonzaga manhandling #16 seed Farleigh Dickinson). Along with the NCAA Tournament, the MLB Japan Series has wrapped up, and Spring Training is starting to wind down as Opening Day is now 5 days away if you are reading this article the date it was published. The NBA is in full swing still as teams are vying and jostling for playoff spots, while other teams are working to secure that number 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft. With plenty of sports happening, let’s get you caught up with this morning roundup.

MLB Spring Training/Regular Season

Japan Series

Mariners 5-4 Athletics (F/12)

Spring Training

Royals 14-6 Reds

Rays 8-1 Braves

Pirates 7-5 Orioles

Tigers 5-3 Astros

Cardinals 11-3 Yankees

Phillies 13-6 Blue Jays

Mets 6-0 Marlins

Rangers 7-3 Indians

Brewers 11-5 Dodgers

Giants 5-5 Cubs

White Sox 12-2 Rangers

Angels 2-1 Diamondbacks

Red Sox 8-0 Rays

Nationals 7-1 Cardinals

Mariners 6-3 Reds

MLB News

Prior to the Mariners game against the A’s, longtime Mariner Ichiro Suzuki informed the team he would be retiring after the game. Ichiro, a future first ballot hall-of-famer, amassed 3,089 hits, 117 homeruns, and 780 RBIs in his 18 year career. Ichiro won the 2001 Rookie of the Year and MVP. He was also a Gold Glove RF from 2001-2010. He will ride off into the sunset and go down as one of the greatest players to don a Mariners uniform.

The Rays have reached an agreement on an extension with P Blake Snell. The extension is for 6 years, worth $50 million. Snell, the 2018 AL Cy Young winner, will look to build on his impressive 2018, where he had a 21-5 record, posted a 1.89 ERA and struck out 221 batters in 180.2 innings of work.

The Cardinals nearing an agreement with 1B Paul Goldschmidt. The deal will reportedly be for 5 years, $130 million. Goldschmidt was traded to the Cardinals this past offseason and will by the looks of it, be playing ball in Busch Stadium for the next couple of years.


Pistons 118-98 Suns

Hornets 113-106 Timberwolves

Nuggets 113-108 Wizards

Hawks 117-114 Jazz

Kings 116-100 Mavericks

Warriors 112-89 Pacers

Current standings

Men’s NCAA Tournament

#3 Purdue 61-48 #14 Old Dominion

#9 Baylor 78-69 #8 Syracuse

#2 Michigan 74-55 #15 Montana

#7 Wofford 84-68 #10 Seton Hall

#6 Villanova 61-57 #11 Saint Mary’s

#1 Gonzaga 87-49 #16 Fairleigh Dickinson

#2 Kentucky 79-44 #15 Abilene Christian

#10 Florida 70-61 #7 Nevada

#12 Murray State 83-64 #5 Marquette

#4 Kansas 87-53 #13 Northeastern

#6 Maryland 79-77 #11 Belmont

#2 Michigan State 76-65 #15 Bradley

#4 Florida State 76-69 #13 Vermont

#5 Auburn 78-77 #12 New Mexico State

#3 LSU 79-74 #14 Yale

You can catch more March Madness all day today starting at 11:15 CST with #10 Iowa and #7 Cincinnati taking the court. It all ends tonight at 8:57 CST with #4 Virginia Tech squaring off against #13 Saint Louis University, and we will make sure to keep you up to date on all the games.

-Marcus Jacobs

The Morning Roundup Article

Morning Roundup 3/6/19

Yesterday, international fútbol got back underway as the Round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League kicked off with Real Madrid taking on Ajax and Borussia Dortmund and Tottenham Hotspur squared off. Here in the states, there was plenty of spring training and basketball to go around. Let’s get you up to speed on what you may have missed. This is your morning roundup.


Bulls 96-105 Pacers

Magic 106-114 76ers

Rockets 107-95 Raptors

Trail Blazers 111-120 Grizzlies

Thunder 120-131 Timberwolves

Celtics 128-95 Warriors

Current standings

NCAA Men’s Top 25

#19 Buffalo 82-79 Ohio

#17 Nevada 90-79 Air Force

#15 Virginia Tech 64-73 (F/OT) #14 Florida State

#13 Kansas dismantled by unranked Oklahoma 81-68

#11 Purdue goes down to unranked Minnesota 73-69

Nebraska 76-91 #9 Michigan State

#6 Kentucky 80-76 Ole Miss

Mississippi State 54-71 #5 Tennessee

Duke avoids a nasty scare from Wake Forest as Duke wins 71-70

#UNC 79-66 Boston College

With Kansas’ loss last night, this will end their streak of consecutive Big 12 regular season titles. The last time Kansas did not win the regular season title? 14 years ago.

Current rankings

MLB Spring Training

Diamondbacks 3-5 Royals

Braves 1-5 Yankees

Red Sox 8-4 Nationals

Mets 1-3 Marlins

Pirates 10-4 Orioles

Cardinals 1-2 Phillies

Rays 2-9 Twins

Blue Jays 5-2 Tigers

White Sox 0-11 Indians

Rangers 1-4 Athletics

Padres 7-4 White Sox

Cubs 2-9 Angels

Brewers 1-0 Rockies

Mariners 7-7 Padres

UEFA Champions League Round of 16

Real Madrid 1-4 Ajax Ajax advances 5-3 on aggregate

Borussia Dortmund 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur TH advances 4-0 on aggregate

The Round of 16 continues today with Paris Saint-Germain taking on Manchester United. PSG leads going into the second leg 2-0 on aggregate. Then FC Porto will look to bounce back against AS Roma. AS Roma leads 2-1 on aggregate.

-Marcus Jacobs

The Morning Roundup Article

The Morning Roundup 1/5/19

Yesterday had sports action from around the world, and we’re here to keep you updated on what you might have missed.

NCAA Men’s Basketball

No. 20 Buffalo 74-58 Eastern Michigan

Current rankings


Utah Jazz 117-91 Cleveland Cavaliers
Boston Celtics 114-93 Dallas Mavericks
Miami Heat 115-109 Washington Wizards
Indiana Pacers 119-116 (OT) Chicago Bulls
Memphis Grizzlies 109-100 Brooklyn Nets
Minnesota Timberwolves 120-103 Orlando Magic
Milwaukee Bucks 144-112 Atlanta Hawks
Los Angeles Clippers 121-111 Phoenix Suns
New York Knicks 119-112 Los Angeles Lakers
Oklahoma City Thunder 111-109 Portland Trail Blazers

Current standings


La Liga BBVA

Levante 2-2 Girona
Espanyol 1-0 Leganes

Current table

NFL (news only)

The NFL announced its All-Pro team yesterday (read here)

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced that outside linebackers coach Joey Porter will not be back next season (read here)

MLB (news only)

The Washington Nationals have reconsidered offering Bryce Harper an extension, and have topped their previous offer from the end of the season (read here)

Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly is confident that catcher J.T. Realmuto will be with the team despite asking for a trade this offseason (read here)

The Origin of Sports, Inc.

Sports, Inc. started as just the idea of two college freshman talking about sports for an hour once every week. Now it has become the reality for three young men who love sports.

Sports, Inc. was created by RJ Royster and I originally as a radio show for Coastal Carolina University’s WCCU Radio. But, it was so much more than just a hobby for the both of us. It meant something to us. It could be the stepping stone we needed to start our professional careers.

RJ and I went live on the air waves for the first time on February 1st, 2018. Sports, Inc. was a some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. We were on the air for four months, but all good things must come to an end because in May of 2018, as we were nearing the end of our freshman year of college, we were coming to the end of the Sports, Inc. radio show. But the new chapter of Sports, Inc. had only just begun.

Shortly after May, 2018, RJ and I toyed with the idea of taking the radio show to the internet, but we just did not have the means to turn it into a website as that in itself is a daunting task to some people, let alone two college kids. So, the idea was put aside for later until when or if we wanted to continue Sports, Inc. past college.

Then, in mid-December of 2018, RJ, my friend Connor Pittman, and myself decided to finally turn Sports, Inc. into a website. It was finally happening! We were taking the radio show and bringing it to the internet. Within a few days, the website was set up and ready for the public. Now, here we are, Christmas just days away and we are finally doing what some people can only dream of: writing about a subject that you love and care about so dearly. Sports, Inc. has truly been a dream come true. We can only hope that you enjoy this website half as much as we enjoy creating and managing it.

-Marcus Jacobs